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In Her Eyes: Reflections of a Father's Love


As a parent, have you ever felt completely out of touch with your teenager?

You’re confused and don’t understand what they think, in fact, you wonder if they think at all! From emotional meltdowns to sibling rivalry, you wonder if your sanity will survive the next few months, let alone the next seven years. How can you possibly navigate puberty and adolescent relationships while balancing life’s other demands and still remain a loving family at the end of each day?

In Her Eyes highlights the importance of the father-daughter relationship in establishing a positive self-image and solid relationship model in a young woman’s life. You can avoid the often awkward phase with a little planning and a lot of prayer, maneuvering toward a healthy, fun relationship with your daughter.

In In Her Eyes: Reflections of a Father’s Love, Toby Swager, along with his daughter and co-author, Bria Swager, tackle some of the more difficult topics facing father-daughter relationships today. Each providing a unique perspective, they share valuable lessons on family relationships in today’s society.

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