Breaking Barriers


As a parent, have your ever thought, It's quiet; too quiet?
You know the feeling; your child is either hurt or about to be in trouble. How do you handle what comes next? In his book, Daddy, Do My Socks Match? author Toby Swager answers that question and more as he shares the sometimes agonizing, always unexpected, world of a stay-at-home dad. He turns the stresses of full-time parenting to comic relief as he challenges you to find a balance between your work or ministry and your family. From bathroom messes to sibling rivalry you are sure to find new parenting perspective.
As you read through these Adventures of a Stay-At-Home Dad, you will experience the delights and joys of staying home with your kids. Readers everywhere will enjoy the countless stories that Toby Swager uses to illustrate biblical truths. You will find yourself both laughing and crying as you dive into the many wonderful truths contained within this book! All parents and grandparents will enjoy this easy read, chock full of laughs and inspiration for strengthening your family.