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Wednesday, December 10, 2008 – County Press – Page 9

 Western High School graduate writes first book

Toby J Swager, 1990 graduate of Western High School, has written his first book titled, "Daddy Do My Socks Match? The Adventures of a Stay-At-Home Dad".

The book is about Swager's adventures that he experienced while staying at home, raising his two young daughters. Because Swager is now a youth pastor at an Assembly of God Church in Hendersonville, Tennessee, he uses his countless stories to illustrate biblical truths in the book.

Parents and grandparents will find themselves both laughing and crying, as they read this book. Swager also emphasizes the importance that father’s have in their children’s lives. He tries to teach that there can be humor in parents and how to follow God in daily decision making, and how parents should not be embarrassed to use the word ‘love’, with their children frequently. He also shares many humorous stories about the daily trials and tribulations about growing children, their bathroom encounters, playing with make-up and nap time. The book covers many topics that parents and grandparents can relate with, while laughing at the humor of the big picture.

Toby Swager was born and raised in Jackson. He enjoyed writing at both Western Middle and High School and was told by teachers the he had talent. He now lives with his wife and two daughters in Nashville, Tennessee and works as a youth pastor.

The book which was made possible by Tate Publishing, will be available in the spring of 2009.

For more information on Swager, or to find out how to purchase his first book visit his website at


Article copied from

County Press - "Jackson County's Oldest Weekly Newspaper"

Volume 138 - Number 34 - Page 9

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Parma, MI




New book, In Her Eyes: Reflections of a Father's Love, by Toby Swager and Bria Swager scheduled for release by Tate Publishing on June 30, 2015.

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"Daddy, Do My Socks Match?" is available on the Tate Publishing website at this link.

"Daddy, Do My Socks Match?" available for order at

"Daddy, Do My Socks Match?" available for order through our store in paperback or audio.

Jackson native explores real measure of a man

Sunday, January 25, 2009 - By Vicky L. Lorencen - For the Citizen Patriot

Some people travel the globe before discovering what Toby Swager learned just by staying home.

``I discovered that the measure of a man has very little to do with how much he makes, but that a man is measured by the impact he makes in the lives of those he touches every day,'' said the author of ``Daddy Do My Socks Match? Adventures of a Stay-at-Home Dad.''

Swager, a Jackson native, is the father of two girls, Bria, 10 and Lexy, 7.

After the birth of their first child, Swager and his wife, Tracy, decided it made sense for him to stay home. ``At first, it was for purely economic reasons. My wife had a great job as the director of a call center for a national ministry and a college degree,'' he said. ``If I continued working, after child care and transportation expenses, I would have been bringing home a minimal amount each week. Paying someone else to raise our kids who might not share our values didn't sit well with us, either.''

At that time, he was working in customer service at a pager shop.

Pride was an obstacle for Swager as he adjusted to his new role.

``I had to realize that I was contributing to my family, and that it was OK for my wife to make more money than I did. I had to look past the criticism of others and see where my children really were, how they were developing.''

Some were skeptical of his ability to nurture as effectively as a mother. Swager challenged that notion. ``Our oldest is being tested for the gifted program at her school, and our youngest is excelling and has been reading since kindergarten.''

A Jackson native, Swager was honored with the ``Most Valuable Staffer'' award from the Citizen Patriot for his work on the Western high school newspaper in 1990. He and his family live near Nashville, Tenn.

The book is available online at or In March it will become available at Barnes & Noble, Waldenbooks and

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