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Swager Talks

Yes, Swager Talks.  Swager is the way we handle ourselves.  It is how we present ourselves to the world.  Swager is in the way we walk.  And, there is importance in that Swager!

Our Swager MUST Talk!  Here are some sample presentations Walking With Swager brings to the table.  (All presentations can be customized according to your organization/group's needs.)

Walking with Swager

One of the greatest lessons in life ~ one that allows true break through is “Your Past Does Not Dictate Your future.”  Toby brings personal experience of overcoming an unsupportive, emotionally-lacking childhood and unsupportive family.  Yes, he shows his audience that rising above your past is a choice giving the keys on how to do just that ~ rise!  The first choice begins with loving yourself.  It is in this action alone you can see the philosophy Toby brings ~ impacting lives by building up and walking with Swager!

Mismatched Adventures

Toby spotlights the thrills and the chills of fatherhood!  Simply being "dad" isn’t always easy for men.  They crave the need to be the leader.  When men realize that being the leader of the team (family) is more than a job, is more than money, is more than what the world says it is, amazing experiences happen.  Toby makes you laugh with “the dumbest stuff you never thought you’d do!”  And, he touches on the more emotional side as he challenges the audience with balancing the roles of husband, father, man of God, and team leader. This presentation is a must for any/all men’s groups, family retreats, and for the entire congregation.  

Christ-Like Style

When God looks at you, what does he see?  He sees brilliance.  After all, you are his creation.  Toby shares how to see yourself and others through the lens of God and the benefits that thought process adds to your life.  When you see yourself through the World’s eyes, it is easy to fit yourself and others into a stereotype ~ and ones that aren’t healthy.  Toby brings amazing knowledge and experience of what happens when you open yourself up to a relationship with God.  He gives his audience the why you must leave behind the legalisms of the world.  Toby leaves you with the steps to developing relationships ~ relationships based on the stylings of Jesus.


There is BLING in what we value.  Yes, we see value in the things that sparkle, that bring attention to ourselves, and show us off.  But, what BLINGS in real life?  Toby reveals the importance of valuing people. Life is not about what you get; it is about what you give.  How are you sharing your BLING?  Toby divulges the secrets in how to treasure the right things ~ the lives of others, investing in those around us, impacting those brought on our path.  The BLING you leave behind is your legacy.  It is the lasting impression you leave.  It is all the people you touched with your life.  Toby brings the bling!     

Selfless Existence 

What does a selfless existence look like?  It begins with following God in your decision making?  How does one do that?  Toby tells his audience the steps of putting God first in your decision making.  When God asks you to serve, can you do it?  How can one person impact a life?  One person can impact one life … one person can impact many lives.  When God calls you, he intends to use you.  Toby shares stories of how Jesus reached out past those who knew him.  He uses those stories to guide you through the steps to act as the hands and feet of Jesus.  When you are ready to grow, to be stretched, to impact, to ask the question, “How can I serve?”, you are ready for Toby to bring his “Selfless Existence.”

Living With Swager

Living With Swager is a one day workshop led by Tracy Swager.  This workshop will lead you through a life planning process that identifies your priorities, creates a plan to move forward on your dreams, and puts those plans in motion.  We all have multiple areas of our life that are important...and you can live a life of balanced purpose.  Living With Swager will teach you how.  This workshop can be customized for a group at your site, or register now for the next scheduled workshop on May 7, 2016.  Go to the store to register now!



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