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What We Do

Breaking Barriers

Ways we serve the community

Neighbors helping neighbors

With programs including volunteer coordination, disaster response, community classes, and blessing boxes, we serve to empower individuals to make an impact in their community.

Serving nonprofits and churches through office sharing, networking, and resource partnership. Working alongside the individual with the vision to bring organizations from the dream phase to fruition, assisting through establishment of 501c3 status.

Partnering with local municipalities, first responders, businesses, and city departments to provide volunteer assistance when needed. Filling gaps when citizens have no safety net, requiring help from their community.

Disaster response locally and regionally. Member of Tennessee VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Assisting in Disaster), Wilson County and Davidson County VOADs. Assisting with volunteer coordination, LTR (Long Term Recovery), and resource allocation/distribution.

Classes from Life Plan Workshops to Storm Prep equip community members for daily life.
Preparation is key in all areas of life! Whether you are talking about a plan to accomplish your goals or how to respond when the unexpected happens. The saying, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail,” is absolutely true. Classes held at our offices and in partnership with programs like Fifty Forward and BSA. Our current Community Class roster includes: Living With Swager Life Plan Workshop, Volunteer and Disaster Response Training, Basic Home Repair Skills Class, Storm Preparedness Class, Resume Preparation Workshop, and Job Skills Workshop (for teenagers). Contact us here for times or to inquire about hosting one of these classes for your group.
Blessing Boxes
Free food and other items for those in need. Communities partnering for the good of neighbors.

Strategically placed throughout the community, Blessing Boxes provide an opportunity for the recipient to maintain dignity in the midst of need. Filled by members of the community, the program intends to be a way to impact the growing food insecurity issue in communities.

Students face a 1 in 5 rate of food insecurity regionally. That is slightly above 20%. The rate for children is significantly higher than in adults. However, the trend of skipping meals due to lack of food is increasing in families across middle Tennessee.

Resource Distribution
Collecting and distributing resources when needed at any time, disaster or no.

Through partnerships with local retailers, nonprofits (local and national), churches, and individuals within the community, we are able to meet needs as they happen for individuals in areas we serve. Something we take for granted like a faucet can be catastrophic for a resident without the means or skills to make the needed repair or hire someone to do the job. Let alone purchasing the item that needs to be replaced.

Our partners fill the gap by providing the resources needed in times of disaster or in blue skies.

Service Projects
Meeting community needs through volunteer engagement and local partnerships

In times of disaster or when the unexpected impacts the day-to-day life of residents in the region, we partner with church groups, local business partners, school service programs, and individuals for across the country to meet the needs of those impacted. Sign up here.

We provide opportunities for students needing hours for Beta Club or Hope Scholarship requirements to serve. We also work with interns to assist with daily operations within the organization. Volunteers of all skill levels are needed.

Meeting a need during the Waverly floods.

The power of community partnership.

What a difference a ramp makes!

"Look at this! Elvis spent some time outside today. We took him up and down his new ramp and soaked up some sunshine. You guys worked so hard all day! I don't begin to know how to show our appreciation except to ask God to pour out a giant blessing upon you!" Diane Harrison, Ramp Recipient