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Our HistorY

Our journey has taken us places we would not have anticipated in a short time!

Through programs promoting Community Involvement, Family Development, Dream Empowerment, and Outreach Engagement, Walking With Swager ignites purpose in people to unite the societal divide within communities. The benefits for the community: Families Strengthened, Broken Lives Restored, Dreams Fulfilled, and Community Cooperation. Communities united in purpose across societal sectors.


By uniting the four primary segments of every community: Non-Profit, Church, Marketplace, and Government, the nation is effectively impacted. United we stand, divided we will fall.


Individuals accomplishing more than believed possible. Strong families with fathers and mothers engaged in the lives of their children.


Neighbors helping neighbors. Making a difference by working together to bring hope to our community. Providing assistance to those impacted by the unpredictable world in which we live.


Impacting the world through volunteer coordination and training; life skills workshops; Non-Profit development, cooperation, and networking; and disaster response.


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Contributions directly impact the community in times of disaster and in blue skies!